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Brand Ambassadors

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What do we expect from Brand Ambassadors?

It’s quite simple; to be an advocate of and further Gezel things. With being a free product, this limits the amount we can advertise, and hope that the spread of word-of-mouth and promotion by our advocates helps spread the great word of

This document is mainly for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t advocate for other Gezel tools such as GezelBot and others.

Do I get perks?

Yeppers! We offer all Brand Ambassadors the following:

  • Promotion on the website
  • A “verified” badge
  • Access to our cloud servers where they can get free storage for personal use (should you want it)
  • Early access to tools (staging servers, early insights to make videos, reviews, etc)
  • Insight and opinions on where we’re headed

We hope to eventually make a Twitch “Team” at some point too, but until someone is Partnered that’s unlikely to happen.

What can I disclose?

You can disclose whatever you want! We’d recommend pointing any questions your community have to our roadmap (currently only on the staging site, will be updated soon on the main site). If you know we’re working on a feature someone asks about, feel free to let them know that you know it’s coming down the line!

Is there anything mandatory?

We just hope that you fill out your Twitch/YouTube/whatever with the relevant links. For example, don’t promote a * insert other link page here * link when you’re supposed to be a BA, it obviously doesn’t look good for us! 😅 Fill out any Twitch panels, assets, etc to let people know you think we’re awesome, and you think they should join us, too!

How do I become a BA?

This is still a WIP. Right now, becoming a BA is “invite only” pretty much, as we’re reaching out to people directly to who we think they’ll be a good fit. We plan on opening up an invite system soon to apply.

If you’re eager, the best way to become a BA is to be an advocate. We recognize all the people who represent and work with us, and if you’re super eager, we’ll notice you!

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